Business Owners and Their Customers: Lack of Covid-19 Restrictions

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Governor Bill Lee and Mayor Jim Coppinger may have lifted covid-19 restrictions, but the mask mandate is still in place in Hamilton County.

That’s caused some confusion for both business owners and their customers.

Restaurants like The Local have taken covid precautions pretty serious for several months.

“We haven’t opened our lobby back up for dine-in even though a lot of places have” said Manager Caroline Coppock.

Coppock noticed the juice bar has received mixed receptions from patrons after restrictions were lifted statewide.

“We were used to a lot of people following the mandate which is great and then we’re also used to customers who don’t” said Coppock.

Manager of Mean Mug Nicholas Knable says the coffee shop is looking for ways to accommodate people who will not wear masks, “We allow them to order but we take it out to them. We don’t really let them come in.”

News 12 caught up with Erin Meeks before walking into Mean Mug.

She’s hopes Mayor Jim Coppinger extends the mandate again, “I don’t feel like we’re at a point where lifting restrictions make sense. Having mask on really does help stop the spread.”

Knable says some customers have don’t wear mask for legitimate reasons, “I’m told it’s just medical reasons.”

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger will discuss the status of the mask mandate during a briefing on October 6th.

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