Busy Night For Firefighters

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) If you’re trying to stay warm this Thursday night, be careful.

Some heating methods can lead to fire.

Multiple fires broke out over several hours Thursday and though the causes haven’t been confirmed, fire officials are sending out a warning.

A home on 34th street sends flame and smoke into the freezing night air.

The three people inside the home weren’t hurt, and Chattanooga firefighters got the flames out in about 30 minutes.

But their day fighting house fires started much earlier on East Main Street where officials say a woman was heating grease on her stove and it caught on fire.

Some of the boiling grease spilled onto her legs, but she made it out of the house in time with non-life threatening injuries.

Also just as firefighters thought they might catch a break, they spotted another fire at a nearby duplex on 13th Street.

A mother and her two children lived in one side, three others lived on the other side; they all made it out fine.

Fighting fires in the extreme cold isn’t uncommon, since people tend to go to extreme measures to stay warm.

Firefighters say you should keep flammable objects away from your stovetop, and never leave the kitchen if you’re cooking food.

Space heaters should stay at least three feet away from flammable objects as well; like curtains, furniture or rugs, and never leave them on unattended.

Also you should make sure all you’re smoke detectors are working.

It will be well worth avoiding a fire so you won’t be left out in the cold.

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