Cadek Conservatory of Music moving from UTC to GPS

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Cadek Convervatory of Music is moving.

It has long been a fixture of the UTC campus, tracing its roots back to 1935 there.

But now the program that has trained generations of classical musicians in Chattanooga is moving to a new home at GPS.

Beginning this summer, the program moves to a new facility on the GPS campus.

“GPS’s commitment to the performing arts, in addition to its reputation for academic excellence, ensures a high-quality instructional program that will continue to enhance the musical landscape of Chattanooga,” said Chris Smith, GPS Board Chair and Director of UTC School of Nursing.

The program offers instruction in voice, music theory, music ensembles and individual instruments, along with performance series.

We are very excited to work with GPS to expand access to the music lessons offered by the Cadek Conservatory. UTC values and promotes cultural programming in our community, and this partnership allows us to further that commitment. UTC is an active member in the arts community in Chattanooga, and we believe this new partnership will bring new opportunities to enhance that participation,” said Dr. Steve Angle, UTC Chancellor.

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