California Airbnb offers “bud and breakfast” — pot included

So-called “bud and breakfast” rentals are popping up across California, a new take on the traditional weekend getaway experience that spices things up with cannabis.

In Erin Dean’s case, her Airbnb in Placer County, California, just north of Sacramento may be the first such B&B located right next to a cannabis farm. A main feature of the stay is a welcome gift of up to one ounce of cannabis harvested from just outside the door.  

That’s the legal amount that can be offered as a gift under state law. 

Despite the novel travel package, Placer County has taken a wait-and-see approach to legalizing recreational marijuana, and no regulations are in place for sale of the drug.  But Dean said she hopes to see retail sales of cannabis in the not too distant future.

“Things are going to be changing for a while. They’re just trying to figure things out,” Dean told KOVR’s Drew Bollea in an interview.  

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, cannabis-themed B&Bs in California are also operating in places like Hollywood, Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs.  

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