Cam Newton Retiring the Dab

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Panthers quarterback Cam Newton says he’s done with the dab.

The NFL’s Most Valuable Player is moving on from the touchdown celebration he performed last season that became popular across the country.

Newton talked about his decision during an interview on WFNZ-AM radio’s “The Mac Attack” show to promote his upcoming kickball tournament, saying, “I have to put that aside.”

The quarterback starting “dabbing” after a TD run against the Titans last November on the advice of his brother. The celebration, although criticized by some, took off. Soon college and high school athletes were imitating Newton, who picked up the move from the Atlanta-based hip-hop group Migos, who sang “Look at my dab.”

Newton, who also popularized the Superman celebration where he pretends to rip open his shirt, may have a new celebration next season.

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