Cameron Wynn Becoming Big Play Maker For Notre Dame

Chattanooga-(WDEF) If you’re looking for Notre Dame’s Cameron Wynn on the football field, trying looking in the end zone because that’s usually where he winds up.
The talented sophomore has turned into a big play-maker for the Fighting Irish.
When your last name is Wynn, and you play football.
Expect your teammates to play off your name.
Said Wynn-“That’s just my name. People just say ‘Wynn’ the day or run like the ‘Wynn’ like Coach Riggs says all the time.”
Wynn started making winning plays as a freshman.
Said head coach Charles Fant-“We threw a little five yard stop to him. He faced his defenders. Made one little quick step. The guy didn’t even touch him. He just ran about a yard to his left, and the guy just didn’t have a chance.”
Said lineman Jalen Derrick-“I remember during the playoffs. The East Ridge game. We beat East Ridge. I remember him scoring a touchdown. The athletic ability of him just getting in the end zone was amazing.”
Since Wynn has play-making abilities, Coach Fant put him in at quarterback when injuries hit the position.
Not surprisingly, Wynn made an electrifying play at quarterback against C-C-S.
Said Fant-“We were in the end zone. He starts to run the option. He’s supposed to pitch the ball right away.”
Said Wynn-“So then I didn’t want to pitch the ball right to him and have him get killed or sacked for a safety. So I just took it to the other side.”
Said Fant-“He reversed the field and ran 95 yards for a touchdown. When I get him to the sidelines I said Cameron, why didn’t you pitch the ball. He said coach, I thought they were going to tackle Andrew in the end zone, so I just kept it and scored. It’s stuff like that where you just laugh and go okay.”
Even though he’s only a sophomore, Wynn has grabbed plenty of college attention.
Said Fant-“He has two SEC offers already that he got in the summer, so he was still a freshman when he got them, which was Vanderbilt and Tennessee.”
Added Derrick-“He plays like he’s a senior. I admit it. He’s a sophomore, but he has the heart of a senior.”

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