Can CBD Oil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — CBD is a “miracle” drug, according to those who have opened numerous stores selling products derived from Hemp.

But despite claims for its healing properties, many are wondering if those products can cause you to fail a drug test, and possibly lose your job.

While hemp-derived CBD products like oils, lotions and vape liquids are legal in all 50 states, a lot of people don’t consider one possible side-effect….the possibility that CBD could cause you to fail a drug test.
The owner of one such store, Elisha Millan, says that could happen.

“Even if you are not getting intoxicated from the product, if you are smoking actual hemp flower, or using a full spectrum hemp product, you may, over time, accumulate enough delta-9 THC in your system to fail a drug test,” said Elisha Millan, owner of Grass Roots Health.

Mary Beth Crook is a registered nurse who runs drug tests on all prospective employees at CHI Memorial Hospital.

“The CBD oil has been a trend now for the last year or so, and we have had nurses, and, or any of our new employees that come in for their new hires, that have been using the CBD oil and some of those drug screens have come back positive,” said Mary Beth Crook, RN, Employee Health Nurse.

One organization called ” Any Lab Test Now” is a national franchise of direct access labs with a clinic in many areas. It has launched an education Campaign called the ABCs of CBD. They run labs to check you out before an employer orders a drug screening.
Is it possible that the CBD products can give you a positive test reading?

“When that test comes back positive for THC, we can’t differentiate whether that THC is coming from CBD oil, or whether it’s coming from them actually using the product,” said Crook.

“In cases where the person is extremely concerned about drug tests, it’s very important that they stay with an isolate product. Isolated CBD, which is CBD only, has ZERO percent THC in the product and will insure that there is not a failed drug test,” said Millan.

The sale of hemp-based products is growing by the day…with new stores opening up. Laws in various jurisdictions, counties and states may vary depending on the product…but the question remains—could using these products end up costing you a job? The answer is yes.

Crook said, “If that works great! But, unfortunately, just know that it could potentially show up in a drug screen. So if you want your job, do you want to do the CBD oil or the Advil?”

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