Can the Covid-19 vaccine affect a woman’s menstrual cycle?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Anecdotal evidence from women around the country has led to questions about how COVID-19 vaccines may affect women’s menstrual cycles.

One Chattanooga doctor says they have not seen any instances in this area but it is possible.

“The Covid vaccine works by causing an inflammatory response or an autoimmune response to a little piece of the RNA. It’s an inflammatory response so I can see how that might alter the menstrual cycle because the menstrual is so dependent on all the different hormones and inflammatory mediators in your body,” says Dr. Heather Urrego, Ob-GYN at Erlanger.

Health officials say it’s important to monitor your symptoms closely and let your doctor know about any changes. 

“If it’s one month after even maybe two months after unless you have prolonged heavy bleeding it should be okay to watch. If it becomes a trend of you notice over three or four months that your periods are heavier/longer, let us know,” says Dr. Urrego.

Though women can experience changes in their cycle, it is unlikely, and shouldn’t prevent  a female from receiving the vaccine. 

“The overall safety of the vaccine protects people from severe illness and death. I think it’s worth having a little bit of an irregular period for a couple of months ; if that proves to be a thing. I think it’s worth having that to keep you from getting really sick or ending up in the ICU,” says Dr. Urrego.

Health officials ask women who do notice a change in their cycle to either let their OB know or the CDC so it can be documented and tracked as a possible side effect.

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