Can Delta Stow Your Carry On Bag Quicker Than You Can?

Atlanta (WDEF) – Delta Airlines began a test program this week to spread up the boarding process on crowded flights.

It is called "Early Valet."

The idea is that Delta employees will stash your carry on bags in the overhead bins instead of waiting for passengers to do it.

They are testing the program at their busiest airports, including Atlanta’s Jackson Hartsfield this summer.

Employees will offer to take your bag at the gate and store it themselves before boarding.

The hope is that they can cut flight delays by speeding up passengers getting on board.

Can that really make much of a difference?

Researchers figured out that every extra minute that a plane stands idle at the gate adds $30 in costs and a quarter of U.S. flights run at least 15 minutes late.

Delta will target their busiest flights to vacation destinations.

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