Can you identify the suspects wanted for stealing an SUV with child inside

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – Rossville Police are asking for your help to identify three suspects from an incident on Monday afternoon.

The case involves a stolen SUV at the Dollar General Store on Chickamauga Avenue around 3:30 PM.

A woman says she left the vehicle running outside the store with her 9 year old grandson in the back seat.

She says as she went inside, three people took the SUV.

They ditched it a few blocks away, leaving the child inside, and running away.

The child was not hurt in the incident.

Police say the suspects are a man (in blue shirt) and two women (both in red).

They say the blonde woman was the driver.

If you can identify any of them, please contact the Rossville Police Department at (706) 866-1228.

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