“I Can’t Breathe CHA” Group Dissolves

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- “I Can’t Breathe CHA” emerged as Chattanooga’s leading protest group following the George Floyd’s death.

The social justice organization marched and rallied for months after a series of other controversial incidents involving police.
Now, approaching the end of the 2020 calendar year, the organization is dissolving.
“There was several different reasons why we decided to do that” said Marie Mott.
Leading activist of “I Can’t Breathe CHA” Marie Mott is focusing on her Campaign for Chattanooga City Council.
Through her online platform, “The People’s Podcast”, Mott is also working to inform city residents about political issues and interviewing mayoral candidates ahead of the March 2021 elections.
“Local elections matter to me more importantly than a lot of the energy we put behind the presidential election.”
While creating a dialogue with other political candidates, Mott says she is prepared to shift from activist to city official if she is elected.
“Of course it is a bit of a transition but one thing I will not compromise is my integrity. I cannot compromise the fact that I understand that if the people do elect me, they’re electing me to serve in their best interest.”
Mott says whether or not she is an elected official, she fully intends to be within the midst of protests if a return of “I Can’t Breathe CHA” is necessary.
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