Canvassing for the Runoff Election in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Ahead of the Chattanooga runoff election for mayor and a pair of city council seats, ‘The Equity Alliance’, ‘The Chattanooga Central Labor Council’, and ‘TIRCC Votes’ gathered volunteers to encourage residents to cast their ballots this month.

 “What we saw in the November Election in 2020 was energized people ready to come out and vote for their candidate” said Co-Founder of Equity Alliance Charlene Johnson. “Right now we can stop that momentum. We want to ride that wave all the way into the runoff mayoral election.”

 The door knocking mission is bipartisan.

 The goal — to increase foot traffic at the polls.

 “You have power in your vote and if you vote, we choose the right candidate” said Vice President of the Chattanooga Area of Labor Council Carla Leslie.

 Volunteers canvassed the community for reasons bigger then themselves.

 “My family immigrated here” said one volunteer of TIRRC Votes. I immigrated here myself. It’s important to have our voices heard. Communities of color are often not represented. So it’s important for us to get out, be seen and be heard.”

 “This pandemic has shown us why it’s important to vote for a candidate that we trust because hard times like this we want leaders that will take care of us and take care of our people” said another volunteer.

 Some may call cofounder of the Equity Alliance, Tequila Johnson, a hometown hero because she wants to see improvement at the polls.

 “A lot of the things that can happen on the city level through the election commission.” said Johnson. “The times, the locations, the frequencies, the information that’s being sent out about voting.”

 Runoff Election Day is Tuesday, April 13th.


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