Sinkhole swallows car with driver inside

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A water main break inside a Chattanooga apartment complex caused a sinkhole that devoured a car with the owner inside.

It happened Friday afternoon in the parking lot of Mountain Brook Apartments.

Karthikeyan Shanmugavel told News 12 he had just left his apartment on his way back to work when he noticed water coming out the ground. He said another car in front him drove through the water with no problems.

“I was behind him and I was trying to get through this. Initially I though it was just water leakage. I didn’t realize it was a sink hole. It started sinking further and this is the state of it. I’m speechless now,” Shanmugavel said.

One of the men who helped to rescue the driver told News 12 they had a hard time getting the front door open, but they managed to get it open just enough for the driver to squeeze himself out.

“We were able to get it open enough for him to slide out; besides that, it wasn’t moving anywhere because it was already touching asphalt,” said Christian Cory who took part in the rescue.

CAR IN SINKHOLE2Tennessee American Water crews on scene said the sinkhole was a the result of a water main break, but the question now is what caused the line to rupture.

“It could be multiple things. We got a lot higher demand right now in the system so their line may have broken due to the velocity of the water going through,” said Tennessee American Water Operations Superintendent Casey Allen.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

As for the the car that got swallowed, one could say by the time it was pulled out the hole, the owner got a good glimpse of what was damaged.

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