Carbon Monoxide poisoning

CLEVELAND, Tennessee- Two Cleveland residents were still be treated at a hospital Monday after coming in contact with carbon monoxide poisoning on Sunday.

Bradley county emergency services were called to a house for a man suffering from an apparent stroke but, it actually was a from a dangerous level carbon monoxide.

“This is a very freaky accident, an honest mistake,” said Bradley County Emergency Services director Shawn Fairbanks.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer.

“Not breathing well lethargic unresponsive even,” said Fairbanks.

Fairbanks said first responders were working for about 15 minutes before they realized it was a carbon monoxide poisoning situation. So the first responders were breathing it in as well.

“We were filtered cartridges for mask for our medical patients at this point in time with the pandemic to have extra protection they thought they were just hyper ventilating from having to work and strain to get patients in and out of the house they didn’t think they were affected before they knew it was carbon monoxide. The filters we’re not actually filtering the carbon monoxide,” said Fairbanks.

He said a vehicle in the basement garage was running for close to 5 hours which led to a very high build up of carbon monoxide.

“So from 2 PM until 6:40 PM the car was left running in the house the initial ratings in the house from the fire department were 1360 parts per minute. Our monitors go off telling us it’s dangerous levels at 30 ppm,” said Fairbanks.

The Bradley County EMA said the biggest thing to take away from this freak accident is to have a carbon monoxide detector.

“It’s just so hard to detect because of it being odorless it kind of makes you groggy put you to sleep in a La La Land per say,” said Fairbanks.

13 people, including 2 Bradley County EMS, were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning Monday. The reason for the high number was due to family living near by.

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