The Caring Place receives aid from Foundation House Ministries

CLEVELAND, Tennessee- Two organizations are working together to help people struggling due to the pandemic.

Foundation House Ministries donated numerous clothes to The Caring Place in Cleveland.

Foundation House received more donations than it needed, so the organization paid it forward to the Caring Place.

The Caring Place Director Corinne Freeman said the clothes that were donated filled a donation room and will go to people struggling financially due to the pandemic.

“Donations are critical,” said Freeman. “The services that we offer, all of them, everything is free. Our closing department, even though it’s set up in a store-like manner, everything is free for the folks that we serve. These are families who are struggling that might be working a full-time job but still not able to make ends meet so the ability to come in and have nice gently used clothing is essential to them to continue moving forward.”

She said the Caring Place saw a 40% jump of people in need during the pandemic.

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