CARTA Takes Next Step in Establishing Multimodal Transit Center

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) Nashville and Knoxville already have multimodal transit centers…and Chattanooga is moving quickly to have one also.
CARTA board members got a briefing on that project this week and all the major players are now on board.
How will a multimodal transit center affect your life?
It can be a big time-saver for busy people and out of town visitors.

We first told you about the Multimodal Transit Center last February.

LISA MARAGNANO, EXEC. DIR., CARTA FEB. 21, 2014 "The goal of the multimodal center would be to have it in a location that would offer people a lot of mobility choices."

It’s all still on the drawing board, but some of the key players are now in place.
CDM Smith Consultants of Knoxville is the project manager.
Phillip Pugliese, who runs Chattanooga’s bike program is the coordinator between CARTA’s board and the Regional Planning Agency.

PHILLIP PUGLIESE, COORDINATOR, REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION STUDY "This center can serve as an information portal, with detailed communications to the public … About opportunities to travel so w have all this range of choices."

For local residents or visitors, the centralized downtown location, when selected, will combine all aspects of transportation—from bicycles and taxis to trains and shuttles.

PHILLIP PUGLIESE "We want to know how to do it, what does it cost, in terms of time, in money, environmental impact..this center will serve as a repository and access point for all of those elements."

CARTA received a 250-thousand dollar federal grant to study the cities strengths, and the next step is to find a location, or possibly several locations, for the center.

PHILLIP PUGLIESE "To identify the potential site location for such a facility or facilities….conceptualize what it look like, interface with the public to get a really good understanding of what people want an need for the community and to fulfill their mobility needs."

The next phase in that study is now underway but Phillip Pugliese says, at the end of the day, its about what the public wants.

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