CARTA Workers plan rally protesting forced overtime, unsafe vehicles & discrimination Tuesday

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – CARTA Transit workers plan to protest bus driver conditions during a rally Tuesday.

Workers are protesting topics such as being forced to work overtime beyond their physical limits, discrimination by management, and unsafe vehicles on the road.

A local union that represents more than 100 CARTA bus, shuttle, paratransit and incline operators and maintenance workers will hold the rally on December 5.

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1212 says:

” A bus driver shortage is threatening safety and service by forcing overtime work. Furthermore, management is jeopardizing safety by putting unsafe buses on the streets and scheduling bus routes that do not allow sufficient time for bathroom breaks for drivers.

“Safety is job number one and overworking bus operators because of a shortage of qualified drivers for countless hours without a break defies common sense,” says Local 1212 President Kathryn Smith. “This is a fatal accident waiting to happen. It’s time to stop threatening drivers who don’t want to work overtime and instead focus on ensuring safety and service for riders.”

Furthermore, the Local charges discrimination by CARTA management in disciplining African-American and female workers differently than other workers.

“We will not be silent and let the CARTA get away with this,” Smith continued. “It’s time for CARTA Executive Director Lisa Maragnano and her lackeys to put riders and safety first.” “

ATU Local 1212 reports says the CARTA rally is expected to begin at 2:30 pm at the City Council building in downtown Chattanooga on Tuesday.

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