Casey Barge Readied For Departure

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Captain Dave had the champagne on ice as Casey’s Barge was readied for departure.

"It’s just been an eye sore, a headache for a lot of people and unfortunately they have decided it’s time for it to move on".

The barge had originally come from Pennsylvania and was intended to be a high class bar and restaurant.

In recent years it became a place of refuge for the homeless and at one point partially sunk into the Tennessee river.

Jackson Wingfield, North Chattanooga Property Owner,"Wish it hadn’t gotten like that because when it first came, it didn’t have broken windows, didn’t have graffiti on it and it had a lot of potential, just hate to see the transformation that took place over the years".

Boat experts from Marine Max tell News 12 moving a damaged barge will be a challenge.

Marty Puryear, Marine Max GM,"They got to get it floating, get it hooked up to the push boat, then down it get down river, it not an easy task".

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