Catoosa Co. Sheriff Asks for Help in Finding Elderly Insurance Scammer

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — The Catoosa county Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help in locating an insurance agent, working under contract with a funeral home…

He is wanted for theft and financial exploitation of an elderly person.

The Catoosa county Sheriff says the investigation has already turned up victims of the scam…and there may be many more.

“We have at least 7 victims right now, and estimate upwards of 28 to 30 more victims, uh, that we’re still investigating and working on identifying and there is possibly some victims out, that we don’t know about just yet,” said Sheriff Gary Sisk.

The man they are looking for is 41-year old Kevin Miles. He was working under contract to Wilson Funeral Home selling the policies. But it turns out he was keeping the money.

“Mr. Miles was taking payment on those insurance policies and most of the time, payment in full, and he was talking the people into leaving the “Pay To” area blank, and actually putting his name on there, and then he was sending into the insurance company, a monthly payment insurance account, and had his address on it so the accounts were going to his address,” said Sheriff Sisk.

Leroy Wilson, is President of Wilson Funeral Homes.

“We feel badly about what’s happened, we’ve been here, our family, our whole family’s grown up here in this area – we’ve been here all of our lives, I wish I could give you some answers on why, but I can’t. I don’t know,” said Leroy Wilson, President of Wilson Funeral Homes.

Sheriff Gary Sisk wants to warn other potential victims that they need to call Atlantic Coast Life Insurance company in Charleston, South Carolina and confirm that any policy they bought is actually in-effect.

“If it is not, we’re asking you to contact the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office. Some of these people were met in Walker County, Catoosa County and maybe some other jurisdictions, but we’re working in conjunction with any of the other Sheriff’s Offices to make sure this case goes and gets the proper justice that it needs to get,” said Sheriff Sisk.

Miles faces felony charges of theft by deception and financial exploitation of an Elderly person.

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