Catoosa County finds one more vote for President Trump

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – Catoosa County election officials report they have completed their hand recount of the November elections.

Out of 32,756 votes, the second count changed by one vote.

It switched from Joe Biden to President Trump.

“Citizens can be confident that the 2020 general election was accurate,” said Catoosa County Elections and Registration Board Chairman Ricky Kittle.

“Our bi-partisan, open and transparent audit of ballots by hand count also shows the process to verify our election was secure with no missing or extra ballots.”

An official in the Secretary of State’s office on Monday said they will not post the county-by-county numbers until they all come in on Wednesday.

Gabriel Sterling says his office will post a break down for every county so we can see the results of the recount when it is finalized.

He says that the recount has only flipped a few votes and they have generally cancelled each other out.

Of course, the exception has been in Floyd County, where the audit found more than 2500 votes that were never counted.

The Secretary of State calls it human error and is demanding that the local head of elections step down as a result.

They estimate that the President will pick up around 800 votes in Floyd County.

The net outcome results in Joe Biden losing one vote and Donald Trump gaining one vote.

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