Caucus of Black Elected Officials

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Eight elected African American officials met with the community to explain why they are starting a caucus of black elected officials.

“We’re proposing to put the community first and put ourselves second. We need you to help us stay on track,” said Tennessee state Rep. Yusuf Hakeem.

They wanted to use this town meeting to explain what they cover, and where people can get help.

“Because what we all had in common is that we realize that everybody really truly doesn’t understand what each of our roles does, what we do in each governing body, what we are responsible for, what we’re not responsible for, and who is responsible for the things that were not responsible for. Granted everybody sitting on the stage if I’m not responsible for it and somebody else on the stage is responsible for what you’re asking me,” said school board member Karitsa Mosley Jones.

Hakeem said this group and these types of events allow people to work together for the betterment of Chattanooga.

“Look at issues that have come of interest to all of us. As opposed to one or two persons. That’s easy to work together on to not put ourselves before the people understanding what we’re therefore,” said Hakeem.

“We may share different ideology but we come together and embrace one another. It’s bigger than us as politicians. It’s about the whole of all the citizens of Chattanooga,” said City Council member Isiah Hester.

The community also was able to ask the questions and say what they needed to make the scenic city better.

“We see the homeless, we see folks who are broken and they need to know that we’re concerned we’re working on issues that will bring about change in our city,” said Hester.

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