CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rossville Family says they hope security system will deter burglars

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – A local family says there have been one too many break-ins in their community and they are sharing their surveillance video from their home security system in hopes of helping catch the people responsible.

This family says that their security system costs a little less than $300 and they believe this was money well spent.

They say they’ve had enough of the break-ins and they posted to Facebook about the latest one Thursday morning.

Jeremy Jenkins says, ” They broke in my wife’s car one time … a few days went by and I said it ain’t gone happen again, turn around.. BOOM, sure enough, I caught him in the year this time.”

The family says this is the third time someone has come onto their property in the last 3 months.

Jenkins says, “I woke up this morning and I heard the car I’ve been hearing over and over again. Go up and down the road and I heard it but it was really slow and the noise didn’t go away.”

That’s when Jeremy says he hopped out of bed and as soon as he reached his door his security system’s driveway motion detector went off. He says he waited until the driver got out of the car to open the door and confront him.

“There were 4 guys in the car… A honda accord… 4 of em and sure enough I waited for him to get out the car and he got out and He said ‘Is Dustin here?” I said you gone meet Dustin if don’t get your *** back in there?,” says Jenkins.

Jenkins says that he just wants these young kids to learn a lesson… that’s why a back in November, as you can see from his facebook live, he held a suspected car burglar on his property until police arrived.

Jenkins says, “I didn’t press charges on the guy. I just wanted to teach the guy a lesson. Whether it be from me… or someone else. He’s going to learn it. It’s my home… I should be able to park something where I want to park it… Or leave something where I want to leave it and it not messed with. Years ago… you could turn around and leave anything you want to leave anywhere and it seems like it’s getting worst and worst”

Jeremy Jenkins says he is a strong believer in having a security system for video evidence because that is what will close a court case. He says, “A lot of people thought I just put the camera up for show. I showed them it’s not for show. It actually works.”


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