Causeway Sponsors “One Table” Free Thanksgiving Dinner

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – How many cities can you name that set up a table in the middle of a downtown street, and offer a thanksgiving dinner to anyone who shows up?
"Causeway", the charitable organization with a goal of bringing the city together, did just that Monday.
Organizers say as many as 4-thousand people showed-up—but who’s counting?

It doesn’t get much better than this—turkey, dressing, side dishes and dessert prepared by chefs.

SARAH HOOPER, CO-OWNER, DISH t’ PASS CATERING "We get a stipend from Causeway to help us pay for the food, but the rest is a donation on our part for our labor and our usually takes us about a week to prepare."

ROB BETTIS "We’ve got a bunch of local restaurants that are helping donate food and a bunch of local businesses that are giving money to make it all possible."

Folks started lining up way before noon and it stayed that way until about 1:30.
The food is important, but the sponsors also wanted to encourage to talk and get acquainted.

ROB BETTIS, BOARD MEMBER, CAUSEWAY "This is One Table, the 2nd annual One Table event..and the goal for One Table is for our city …like most cities for the most part is segmented..and so all come together and share a meal together."

Causeway is a charitable group that works to promote neighborhood unity year round.

ROB BETTIS "..and we kind of view that as kind of an historical meeting of sharing a meal ..the intimacy relational aspect of that ..we want people from all walks of life to get to get together and give thanks for our city."

A meal like that really needs a little atmosphere–like classical piano music.
Buddy Shirk was one of the performers.

BUDDY SHIRK SUMMIT PIANOS "Seems like everone’s having a good time..and enjoying a fantastic meal…for a good cause…you know to help the people on the street as well."

Thanksgiving week gets off to a good start.

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