CBS Analysts Expect Wide Open NCAA Tournament

This time next Thursday we’ll be in the thick of March Madness as the NCAA Tournament gets underway.
CBS analysts and commentators believe this year’s tournament will be wide open.
Said CBS announcer Verne Lundquist-“The amazing thing about this craft is that you never ever know, when something magical will break out in front of you.”
And this year, the magic my make a lot of high seeds disappear.
Said CBS analyst Clark Kellogg-“There are a lot more teams this year that I think believe that they don’t have to be miracle workers to advance.”
Added the Voice of CBS Sports Jim Nantz-“This year there has been a revolving door at the top of college basketball. I don’t see any reason why the NCAA Tournament is going to be any different.”
With that instability at the top, will we see the ultimate Cinderella story. A 16 seed beating a one seed.
Said Nantz-“I’ve got to see that to believe it. I’ll be calling I’m sure one of those games. (pause) It’s going to happen some day.”
Kentucky was the theme of the dance last year, but what about this March?
Said Kellogg-“The theme of the tournament. Seniors delivering.”
Said CBS analyst Wally Szczerbiak-“I’m a firm believer that this is the year of the seniors. All of these seniors have put in all the blood, sweat, and tears so to speak throughout their college careers. When you do that, in the end, you are going to be rewarded in some way for it.”
While the seniors create the madness, look for some veteran coaches to bust some brackets.
Said Nantz-“If you’re out there filling out a bracket, and you’re trying to maybe take somebody that’s not one of the favorites. Start looking for the coaches with the pedigree. Who have actually done something in the tournament because often times, they’re going to be the ones to spring the biggest upset, and make a run.”

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