CCS Bruising Running Back Mondo Ellison Racks Up Yards With Legendary Stiff Arm

Chattanooga-(WDEF) When you’re a running back with size and speed, you make it to the end zone quite often.
Take Chattanooga Christian’s Mondo Ellison.
The bruising running back has already scored 13 touchdowns in just six games.
Mondo Ellison made a Mondo size freshman impression when he arrived at CCS.
Said offensive lineman Set Turney:”I remember the first time I saw him in the meeting room. He walked in and everybody is like who is that. I was like, that’s our new kid. The new running back Mondo. It’s like wow, he’s just so big.”
Said head coach Mark Mariakis:”But it was just that special aura about him also. He just almost commands attention when he walked in a room as a freshman.”
His aura ain’t bad on the gridiron either. The junior running back has close to a thousand yards rushing already this season.
Said Turney:”We said this. Everybody in three states knows that Mondo Ellison is going to run the ball, but the thing is, nobody can stop him.”
Mondo even racked up 130-yards rushing against Baylor last week.
Said Ellison:”That made me feel a lot better performing that well against Baylor. It also boosted the confidence from my O-line too. If we can do that against Baylor, then we can do that against anybody.”
The Chargers confidence took a shot last year when Ellison missed the final seven games with an M-C-L knee injury.
Said Mariakis:”The biggest thing last year when he got hurt was just the whole team kind of got deflated. We had a tough time getting everybody back up.”
Now Ellison deflates opponents with a legendary stiff arm.
Said Mariakis:”We have seen him use that, we call it ‘The Weapon’, so many times that he’ll pick up an extra five, ten, even a touchdown just because of the stiff arm that he used.”
Reporter:”Coach was saying they have nicknamed your stiff arm ‘The Weapon’. Is that true?”
Said Ellison:”Yeah. It is true. During the game I just hear the reaction from everybody on the sideline and in the stands. I watch film like, oh snap.” (chuckles)

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