CDC Updates how the Coronavirus is spread

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Once again the CDC has issued a  new update regarding the coronavirus. They now have evidence that  Covid-19 can linger in the air and be spread by airborne transmission, infecting  people more than 6 feet away. 

The guidance on airborne transmission confirms that going maskless in poorly ventilated areas, such as restaurants and bars, means that a person can still contract the virus from someone who has been in that location. 

This information confirms that the wearing of masks may now be the most important strategy in the fight to eliminate Covid-19.  It also means that  Hamilton County  is on the right track with a mask mandate.

 “In our own community as soon as the mask mandate went into effect we saw a very clear decrease in the number of cases and hospitalizations. So, the message I want to emphasize to our community is : continue to wear your mask, continue to wash your hands, continue to socially distance,” Says Dr.Jay Sizemore, Medical Director of Infectious Disease at Erlanger. 

Health Experts say this guidance means that in some situations the Coronavirus can be transmitted through smaller aerosolized particles although it is more efficiently spread through close contact.

“If the data seems to suggest that most of the transmission is from the biggest droplets, they don’t travel as far. Again, even if most are microscopic they are heavier and by gravity they tend to drop down the further you are. They don’t just float waiting for you to walk by. Clearly the more apart you are the more protected you are,” says Dr. Carlos Baleeiro, Pulmonologist at CHI Memorial.

So the bottom line is that doctors still say wearing a mask and staying away from others are the best ways to keep you virus free.

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