CeeLo Green Shows Chattanooga What He’s Got Literally

CeeLo Green showed Chattanooga what he’s got Saturday night at Riverbend.

No, really he did.

If you take a closer look at the video, you can see him mooning the crowd.

Amy Morrow, the Public Relations Director with Friends of the Festival, says, "It was disappointing. My jaw dropped just like anyone else’s. We certainly had no idea and certainly would not have encouraged that had we known."

Festival organizers say they were also disappointed when CeeLo Green showed up 45 minutes late and then used a lot of foul language.

Morrow adds, "When you have an artist like CeeLo Green and you know he’s out there and wow, especially bringing the Goody Mob, you do know they can get wild and maybe even a little raw. That’s why you talk to them and say, "Hey, PG show here guys," and unfortunately that didn’t happen."

Organizers tell us there was nothing put in the fine print that said no cursing, so there was no breach of contract.

CeeLo Green was paid the full amount outlined before the show.

Marrow says, "They’re artists at the end of the day and sometimes they don’t take lightly to being censored."

Now, we got mixed reactions on our Facebook page about the now controversial, leather clad performance.

One viewer writes, "I saw CeeLo and it was awesome. He had worse songs that he did not sing."

Another viewer says, "Riverbend isn’t meant for kids anyways."

Scott Brown, a resident, says, "For the public, it would be nice maybe if they were a little more accountable for what they they say they’re going to do."

Organizers are now saying Forget You to CeeLo Green, and will take this all into consideration the next time they book their next big act.

Festival organizers say contracts do vary from artist to artist.

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