Celebrating Black History Month with Chattanooga Music History at Songbirds

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF): There are many ways to celebrate Black History Month this February including with music.

Music is a great way to dive deep into black history.

Songbirds Guitar & Pop Culture Museum has two exhibits right now both highlighting African American musicians.

“We have songs over here in the cultural impact section that are talking about how music is used as a form of social protest and how the guitar really gave people who disenfranchised a voice and a way to really speak out about oppression,” says Reed Caldwell, Executive Director for Songbirds Foundation.

The exhibits show Chattanooga’s music history and role in shaping these artists.

Some of these artists include Lovey Austin, Bessie Smith, and The Impressions.

“It’s exciting to celebrate these wonderful artists from Chattanooga. We have such a robust history here of music. And, we kind of get forgotten,” continues Caldwell.

The exhibit also highlights 9th street now known as Martin Luther King Blvd.

In the 1900’s, it was an African American community with legendary music and iconic entertainment scene.

“The Big 9 was at the time in the 1930’s and 40’s and 50’s was bigger than Beale street, bigger than Bourbon street. You know, we had artists, very famous artists coming here and playing small clubs there.”

You can visit Songbirds Wednesday through Sunday.

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