Celebrating veterans across the Tennessee Valley

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Today we honor the brave men and woman who served our country during Veterans Appreciation Day.

The special day is set aside to celebrate and show appreciation to those Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices.

Community members like barber Donald Boyd is one of those celebrating.

“My dad is a veteran so I’ve always been interested in and always wanted to give back because when he was going through what he was going through it was pretty much death for us, for me and my family before he passed”

He gives haircuts to veterans for no cost.

“They could afford a haircut but why not me give it to them for free. Because they deserve it”

Along with Boyd, other Armed Forces groups provided veterans with benefits and resources to those who have served our country and their families.

“Delegation from the city of Chattanooga came to the state capitol, and we talked about what needs to be done for veterans. We thought a way of starting that process would be Veterans Appreciation Day,” said state representative Yusuf Hakeem.

Veterans Appreciation Day concluded at Riverfront Nights at Ross’s landing where concertgoers could enjoy an evening to celebrate and honor those who served our country.

Hakeem said the event is a work in progress. “We want to work on it, build on it so that Chattanooga can be recognized as as that city that goes above and beyond when it comes to our veterans”

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