Cell phone aids rescue of college students lost in Pocket Wilderness overnight

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) Hamilton County 911 dispatchers got a call Tuesday night from some UTC students who said they were lost in the woods.

Seven students headed out on the Cumberland Trail at the Pocket Wilderness around 6 PM.

But 9:15, they called in to say they were lost.

Rescuers with Tennessee Parks, Mowbray & Sequoyah Fire volunteers were able to stay in contact with the lost hikers by their phone.

The hikers could describe where they were, but were not familiar enough with the area to find their way out.

It took rescue crews about six hours to find them at the Rock House.

The trip was made slower by washed out trails in three spots.

They had to use rope systems to make their way around the mudslides in the dark.

The rescuers and hikers made it out around 3 AM.

Two of the students were hurt in the ordeal.

One had an ankle injury while the other hurt their knee.

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