Central High School Embraces Unique Purple Pounders Nickname

Harrison, TN-(WDEF) With Central set to begin a new high school football season, we’ll once again hear one of the most unique nicknames in America, the Purple Pounders.
School administrators are always having to explain what the heck is a Purple Pounder.
Central principal Finley King and Central head football coach Cortney Braswell are both constantly quizzed about their school’s nickname, the Purple Pounders.
Said King:”I’ll go on vacation and talk about my job. They’ll always ask, what’s your mascot? And I always say will let me tell you something before we get started with the that. We’re the Purple Pounders, and then I’ll get all kinds of reactions from good to bad.”
Said Braswell:”A lot of people envision kind of like an Incredible Hulk fist that’s pounding something. The head coaches always kind of meet at the center of the field before a game, and you are staring down the other teams kids, and they are staring down yours. It almost always comes up. What exactly is a Purple Pounder? And so next thing you know, it’s 7:15 before kickoff, and you’re explaining the history of a century of Chattanooga Central high school to them.”
King has the history on Central’s unique nickname.
Said King:”Prior to 1935, they were referred to as the Purples or Purple Warriors or Purple Hurricanes. But in 1935 was when Central’s football program really came on strong. There was a reporter at the Chattanooga Times newspaper that referred to Central as the Purple Pounders. And so from then on, every time the Times wrote an article about Central, especially the football team, he would refer to us as the Purple Pounders. The art department picked up the hammer and anvil symbol for Pounders. We recently over the past ten years decided to actually come up with a mascot. Our student body at the time did some research on football coaches and principals and those kind of things. Decided to name that mascot Stan after Stan Farmer, who was a long time football coach during those winning years that we had on Dodds Avenue. So we refer to that mascot as Stan the Pounderman.”
King and Braswell enjoy that Purple Pounder Pride.
Said Braswell:”There are a million Tigers out there. There are a million hawks and bears and all of those things out there, but there’s only one Chattanooga Central Purple Pounder. So when you put that jersey on, it means something.”

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