Central Running Back Michael McGhee is ‘The Perfect Football Kid’

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Central head coach Cortney Braswell loves to needle his top running back Michael McGhee. Braswell is a former high school running back himself, so he tells McGhee all the time that McGhee is half as good as he was.
McGhee chuckles at the ribbing, but it’s no laughing matter when it comes to stopping this punishing Purple Pounder.
Coach Braswell may like to tease Michael McGhee, but he enjoys praising his 5-8, 190-pound running back even more.
Said Braswell:”He’s the quintessential story of the perfect football kid. He’s a true competitor. He’s a great academic kids. He’s a high character kid.”
Reporter:”You mentioned in the class room you’re not sure if he has even had a ‘B’ before?”
Said Braswell:”I don’t know that he has. I mean he had an ‘A-‘ one time, and you would have thought the world was going to end.”
McGhee also thinks the world will end if he doesn’t get the football.
Said Braswell:”He always comes to the sidelines and says coach, they can’t stop me. That’s what he says. That’s his thing.”
Said McGhee:”I’m pretty confident that people really can’t take me down because it’s my work ethic that keeps me up.”
Reporter:”Describe his running style.”
Said Braswell:”Reckless abandoment. He runs with no regard for human life. You’ll see some of our offensive linemen have cleat marks where Mike has run up their back.”
Said McGhee:”It’s kind of helpful being a little small. I can make those small, tight cuts in small gaps in the line and break a big one on them.”
McGhee survived a viscious face mask and still scored against Howard.
Said McGhee:”Grabbed a big hold of my face mask, Tried to sling me to the ground, but I was able to keep my balance. Somehow I ended up facing the right way. Just speed from there. I took off.”
Said Braswell:”He does stuff every Friday night that people go oh my gosh, I can’t believe he did it. But I can because I watch him do it in practice. I watch his work ethic. Seeing him do those things on Friday night is just really the culmination of so many months of work.”

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