Central’s LeeAnne Shurette Coaches Lady Pounders With Her Parents By Her Side

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Central softball coach LeeAnne Shurette has taken the Lady Pounders to the state tournament three times since becoming the head coach in 20-10, and her family has literally been by her side the whole way.
Shurette’s father Jerry is an assistant coach, and Shurette’s mother is in the dugout maintaining team morale.
Every day is a family affair for LeeAnne Shurette as she gets to work alongside of her parents at Central softball games.
Said Shurette-“Well you just feel supported. Things do always exactly go the way you have planned, so it’s good to have that. We’ve always been a close family.”
Imagine how Jerry Mongar feels coaching first, and looking across the infield every game, and seeing his daughter at third.
Said Jerry-“That’s….That’s very special. We talk about all day. She’ll call me. What do you think dad. What do you think. I give my input, and she makes the final decision.”
Reporter-“Is it hard to overrule your Dad sometimes since you are the head coach?”
Said Shurette-“No. Most of the time we agree on most stuff. A lot of times if he feels a certain way about something, I’ll go with it unless I just have a gut instinct.”
Cyndy Mongar serves as the team’s trainer-slash-bat girl.
Said Cyndy-“I try to keep them positive. We try to coach positive. I feel the girls do much better if you keep them relaxed and going to the plate relaxed. They’re going to hit the ball harder.”
But there are times when LeeAnne has to remind her mother to be positive with the umpires.
Reporter-“And she has to tell you to calm down?”
Laughs Cyndy-“Sometimes. Or the girls will ask me. They’ll say Ms Cyndy, you need to get another piece of gum.”
It’s certainly unique for an entire family to be able to spend so much quality time together in one profession.
Said Jerry-“It’s nothing but a blessing. I mean, I don’t know what you could say about it. Lot of people don’t even get to see their daughters. Some of them live out-of-state and things like that. We’re right here together, and it has just been great.”

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