CFC Closing Out Regular Season With 3 Games in Five Days

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The CFC is currently one point out of first place heading into the final week of the regular season. But to finish out the year, Chattanooga will play three games in five days starting with Wednesday’s home match-up against Nashville.

Reporter:”Have you ever done anything like this? College or anything? I’ve never heard of this.”
Said head coach Bill Elliott:”At this competitive of a level, I can’t ever remember it.”
And the CFC players can’t remember a gauntlet like this either on this level of soccer.
Said CFC player Felipe Oliveira:”I haven’t had it happen to me since probably high school. Club games played all the time. At this level, it’s hard to do it in four or five days.”
Said CFC player Juan Sanchez:”We’ve been playing for some time now. Our legs are a little bit tired. It’s just what it is. We have something to fight for, so I think we have that motivation now.”
Said CFC player Pierre Bocquet:”As a players especially when you play a lot of minutes, especially in this weather and this competition, it’s really hard. We are going to have to deal with it.”
Coach Elliott is already trying to figure out a player rotation.
Said Elliott:”So I’m really sitting down. It’s like a puzzle in trying to figure out who we can rest and when. Again, it’s a big challenge.”
A big challenge, but sometimes that’s what sports are all about.
Said Oliveira:”It is a challenge. We just challenge ourselves to play better every game in these three games against really tough opponents. Our challenge is really just to go out there and win every game.”
Reporter:”How much weight will you lose playing three games in five days in this weather?”
Said Bocquet:”It happens. It happens. Matters how many minutes you play, but you can lose like yeah, five to ten pounds a game I guess. A lot of water. Drink a lot of water.”

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