CFC and Red Wolves Prepare For Crazy Road Trips

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF-TV) – The CFC and Chattanooga Red Wolves both hit the road this weekend. Might as well get Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie to tag along because it should be a road trip adventure traveling during a pandemic.

Reporter: “How would you describe what all you guys have to do to hit the road for your first match of the year on Saturday?””

Said Red Wolves head coach Jimmy Obleda: “Meticulous. Everything. Every little detail. Looking like we are going to have to take two buses right now. Yeah just to have everyone properly distanced and to meet the requirements of the league.”

Said CFC head coach Peter Fuller: “We are going to be socially distanced on the bus. Masks for everybody on the bus. Get to the hotel. All of your meals are in your room. Brought to you on an individual basis. Can’t leave your room. Basically you’re under lock down for the entire time we’re on the road.”

Said Obleda: “The way it’s looking, we’re not going to have too much time in the locker room. We might most likely come dressed already.”

Reporter: “It’s almost like a high school match back in the day. You’ve already got your uniform on. Get on the bus. Get out. Warm up for a couple of minutes and let’s go.”

Said Obleda: “Yeah that’s it. Hey you know what, we’re a 4×4. You put us on any terrain, and we’re going to come out on top.”

Fuller: “It’s contrary to how you want to build a team and use road trips to develop that camaraderie and cohesiveness for a team. It’s just contrary to it.”

Reporter: “Did you by chance talk to the Savannah coaches at all when they came up to Chattanooga last weekend and just what they had to endure.”

Said Fuller: “There’s was interesting because they only had a few of their players that came the night before. They had a group of them that came up that day and traveled basically in cars with roommates.”

Said Obleda: “It’s inconvenient. It just an inconvenience you know what I mean. We just have to deal with it.”

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