CFC Riding Impressive Six Game Winning Streak

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The CFC is riding a six game winning streak, which is pretty impressive in the soccer world. The longest current winning streak in the M-L-S right now is five. It’s just tough to put together consecutive wins in soccer because ties are allowed to factor into so many outcomes.

June had to be one of the best months in CFC history as they took down all six of their league opponents.
Said CFC player Juan Sanchez:”It’s not something that happens very often, and it’s definitely not something easy to achieve especially on a good level of competition like the one we’re in.”
Added teammate Juan Hernandez:”Especially the way we started with a draw and then a loss. Winning six in-a-row means that we came together as a team, and then obviously it’s a really hard thing to do. We are proud of ourselves, and we are going to keep working hard to keep it.”
Guys can feel that winning mojo.
Said Sanchez:”Some people call it this cosmic energy. When something goes right for you, all of the other pieces start following it. Then everything just falls into place.”
Said head coach Bill Elliott:”At one point I think we were sitting at the bottom of the table (standings) after the first two games, and now we are at the top.”
Life is better at the top, although staying at the top is never easy.
Said Elliott:”We are just really blessed to have a talented and deep team. They’ve been working really hard, and they’ve been getting the results. Now hopefully we understand, and I think we do, that the minute the hard work dries up, so will the results. In the college level I was involved in an 18 game winning streak, but we lost in the first round of the playoffs, so it didn’t feel like much of an accomplishment.”
The CFC can’t sacrifice that will to win.
Said Sanchez:”It was the desire and willingness to fight that we have for what we wanted, which is for the league title. We don’t have it yet, but we’re still fighting for that.”

The CFC travel to face Inter Nashville FC on Wednesday evening.

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