CFC Set to Host NISA’s Legends Cup at Fort Finley

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF-TV) – Since we’re still playing sports in a pandemic, NISA decided to launch their soccer season in a bubble with a tournament involving all nine league teams. And they picked Chattanooga and the CFC as the host. They’re calling it the Legends Cup, and it starts Tuesday at Finley Stadium.

Holding the NISA Legends Cup in Chattanooga was a no-brainer for the NISA league commissioner.

Said commissioner John Prutch: “Chattanooga is very well established as a club, and when you put something like this on, you really have to have an infrastructure in place that can help you. The other reason was the venue. I was also fortunate enough to attend a U.S. men’s national team game here a couple of years ago, and that environment was pretty cool.”

And of course the CFC are happy to be at home.

Said CFC player Shaun Russell: “Our club is based off community and family. I think having this tournament here is spectacular for the community.”

Said CFC player Juan Hernandez: “I think having all the teams in Chattanooga is also really good for the city because it shows that we’re a good city that we can host events like this and also show what kind of fans we can have.”

But does Chattanooga feel pressure to win it all as the tournament host?

Said CFC Head Coach Peter Fuller: “I think the pressure for us is just to go out and play well. I like our group. Regardless of what happens this week, I like what we’ve brought in. I like what we have, and I think we’ve got a chance to be pretty good.”

At least one CFC player loves the concept of a bubble tournament.

Said CFC player Cameron Woodfin: “I mean bubble is a pretty cool term. I like being able to say bubble more frequently. Don’t get to say it that often in just everyday. Go ahead. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Said Hernandez: “That’s a great answer.”

Said Fuller: “We’re in a bubble, and I think we need to be a bubble within a bubble.”

Said Woodfin: “I like the idea of the tournament, and I also like saying bubble.”

The CFC open against the Los Angeles Force Tuesday at 8pm at Fort Finley.

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