CFC Soccer Players Juan Hernandez and Summer Lanter Get Engaged

Spain’s Juan Hernandez and Soddy Daisy’s Summer Lanter saw their love for soccer eventually turn into true love for each other. Hernandez plays for the CFC men’s team, while Lanter used to play for the CFC women’s team.
And not even the coronavirus shut-down could stop Hernandez from proposing this month.

It was a soccer ‘Friendly at Finley’ as Juan Hernandez and Summer Lanter became friendly after meeting at Finley Stadium.
Said Hernandez:”We actually met the first time. I guess we saw each other at Finley Stadium, which was a long time ago. Then we were just friends for a time. Then we became. What happened?”
What happened indeed Juan.
Said Hernandez:”Well I moved to Chattanooga. That’s what really happened. And then we decided to hang out.”
Added Lanter:”We played on the same coed soccer team.”
Said Hernandez:”True. We played on the same coed soccer team. I guess that’s where everything got started.”
But Juan, why propose during a quarantine?
Said Hernandez:”Um. That’s a great question. I guess I just couldn’t wait. Look at her. (laughing)
Summer never thought the CFC would also bring her a future husband.
Said Lanter:”I mean I’m very thankful for the opportunity that they have given him, and we met through it. Now he’s going to stay.”
Said Hernandez:”Yes. Yes. We both love the sport, and we both love playing it and representing the city, so we’re both really happy that we made it that way as well.”
Might we see a full blown soccer wedding at Fort Finley?
Reporter:”With the Chattahooligans as your band.”
Said Hernandez:”I mean that would be a really lovely ceremony.”
Lanter:”It would be eventful.”
Said Hernandez:”I guess we could do open doors for everybody.” (laughing)

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