Challenger STEM Center Reopens

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – It’s been over a year since the UTC Challenger Learning Center has opened their doors to the public, allowing groups to have a hands-on learning experience about space.

Starting Friday, March 26th, with the help of Grammy Award Winner Lee Greenwood and June Scobee Roger, the Learning Center is slowly beginning to reopen their doors to school groups and visitors. 

The Challenger Center offers a hands on experience learning how to be an astronaut for the day, going on missions to the moon and mars, and learning how real engineers run a mission

So far, the center has been offering a virtual experience to help educate their audience but there’s nothing like getting that real life experience of flying through space.

“We really like to see our students come in here because they not only get to experience what is going on in their head educationally but they actually will get to do an activity and complete a task. I think there’s going to be a pinned up demand for students to get out and be able to have that interaction together and work in new environments,” says Perry Storey, Director of the Challenger Center. 

“We’re opening the doors for students to come back. So these first missions the students will be separated more so it’s half the number of students who will be flying to do moon or flying to Mars. It’s so exciting. It’s like what happened to 2020,” says June Scobee Rogers, who’s spouse died in the Challenger Flight. 

The Challenger Center has a few summer camps already lined up for this summer and will host free days for the children of first responders. If you are interested click here.

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