Change in Council

Soon there will be new faces seated at the Chattanooga City Council.

But it was a relatively small number of registered voters who brought about these big new changes for the City Council according to Hamilton county Election Commission Administrator Charlotte Mullis-Morgan.

"We had 18,244 voters, 16.39 percent. It was down from 2009. That’s disappointing to us. You know, we want people out voting."

District 4 candidate Jack Benson said they knew it would be a close race …

"Any sensible person would know you’d have a run off in a race with five people that required fifty plus one," Benson says.

Benson’s contender Larry Grohn says he’s prepared to take on the big issues for the run off.

"In the last 8 years there have only been 8 police officers added to the patrol divisions. All you have to do is check the budgets," Grohn says.

Mullis-Morgan says she also expects a run-off in District 9 although that won’t be confirmed until Thursday morning.

Reporter: "For now the only city council members completely safe in those seats are the two you see behind me – Russel Gilbert of District 5 and Carol Bears of District 6."

Some candidates – from both sides of the finish line- said the race was a tough one… Particularly with big issues like annexation on the table.

But Mullis Morgan says that’s all the more reason to vote locally about the issues that effect day-to-day life.

"People think that the Presidential Election is the main election but I feel like it’s right here at home for the county, for the city."

In Chattanooga, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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