The changing hair color of a purse snatching suspect in East Ridge

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – East Ridge Police make an arrest in a violent purse snatching with a description that was hard to miss.

On Friday evening, a woman reported that a man tackled her as she was leaving Tennessee Title Loans and Security Finance on Ringgold Road.

She says he fought her for her purse, leaving her with minor cuts and bruises.

He ran to a car and drove away.

The victim was able to give police a lot of detailed description, khaki pants, black t-shirt, blue shoes.

But she was adamant that he also had purple colored dreads.

And sure enough, there was a man with purple tips on the surveillance camera.

A tip led investigators to the Facebook profile of Antwone Boykin (without the colored hair).

But when they checked the Tennessee Identification photo he took just two weeks before, they found pinkish/purple tips.

When they drove by the house, they spotted the white Toyota getaway car that the victim described, with the missing front fender.

Police say three witnesses at Security Finance identified Boykin in a photo lineup (black and white photos, no purple hair).

On Monday afternoon, they picked him up at his home and charged him with Robbery and Assault.

When they took his mug shot, the hair had turned orange.

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