Charges dropped against activists Marie Mott and Cameron Williams

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Two charges against social justice leaders Marie Mott and Cameron Williams have been dismissed.

Those two charges include theft of property after accusations of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office flag was stolen and inciting a riot.

The charges that and will be sent to grand jury are blocking a highway, disorderly conduct, vandalism, and wreckless burning.

News 12 asked Mott to comment on the status of her trial.

“I just think it’s very interesting that our District Attorney did not have the same willingness to hold the officers accountable that beat Mr. Reginald Arrington Jr. on camera. We saw that in the middle while we were protesting for George Floyd. We had another example of the very real threat of violence at the hands of police right here in Hamilton County and he did not pursue those officers. I believe of the five had been involved in other police brutality cases as well.”

All charges included are ruled as misdemeanors.

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