Chase in Collegedale nabs 3 crime ring suspects from Florida

Collegedale, TN (WDEF) Collegedale Police responded Tuesday afternoon to a business’s parking lot on Little Debbie Parkway on a report of two suspicious vehicles.

Witnesses reported the suspects switching license plates and one putting on a wig.

The suspects were gone when police arrived, but one vehicle returned while they were talking to witnesses.

Police say the suspects had gone to the Regions Bank and tried to pass off a stolen check from Chattanooga with a stolen ID from Franklin.

Officers tried to stop the suspect vehicle, but it fled.

The second suspect vehicle joined the chase too at Little Debbie Parkway and Apison Pike.

Officers were then chasing them both; one on Apison Pike and the other north onto Ooltewah Ringgold Road.

Officials say the suspect vehicles were weaving in and out of on-coming traffic.

The second vehicle stopped in the 5300 block of Ooltewah Ringgold Road.

Police arrested a female there.

The first suspect vehicle ran a red light at Main Street and Lee Highway and crashed into a citizen’s vehicle.

Two suspects ran from the crash.

Police caught one in a nearby dumpster.

The driver continued on Lee Highway, but crashed again.

He then ran, but was detained by two private citizens.

One of the citizens had a concealed carry permit and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The last suspect was found a few hours later hiding underneath a truck in the area.

Collegedale Police say the 3 men arrested were from Florida and are suspects in a crime ring throughout the Southeast.

They continue to investigate.

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