Chattahooligans get trailer back empty, hopeful to find missing gear

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “We have all different ways that we support the club and the game day experience, and the banners and the flags are just one small piece, because it’s something that’s tangible that you can touch and you can see every week,” Chattahooligans Tifo Team Coordinator Shelly Ayers said.

Ayers helps with the creation of Chattanooga Football Club banners and flags.

It’s their tifo.

They’re the pieces of art, hand-made, painted and sewn by fans that are displayed on game day.

The CFC’s major fan support group, the Chattahooligas, makes that happen.

“We had a very large 40 foot by 40 foot logo for CFC that we made and it was a remake, an even bigger one and that was something that it took three different sections, and then that last section was an entire week and a day that some of us took off from work to actually sit and get everything painted, because we wanted something big and impactful for our season,” Ayers said.

The banner is just one of over 50 pieces of tifo from about 5 seasons that are no where to be found.

They were stored in a trailer that disappeared, along with tailgating supplies and merch.

That trailer Chattanooga Police said was recovered on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, it was recovered empty,” Chattahooligan Andrew Bresee said.

With the CFC home opener on March 14th, the Chattahooligans are hopeful their stuff will turn up.

But it’s not going to stop them from showing support.

“We’re going to have all of these challenges to overcome with getting our tailgate stuff back up and going, and we don’t have a grill, and we don’t have tables. We don’t have the merchandise that we sell to get tailgate funds to buy the food. So all of that stuff makes it harder, but I’m confident that we’ll figure it out and we’ll be there louder and bigger and bolder than ever,” Bresee said

Police are still investigating.

They said they’re working to identify and locate the suspect or suspects.

Bresee said that they’re grateful for the support they received from people in the community and all over the country.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help them recover.

They’ve also been taking donations through their social media sites.

If you’re interested in helping paint tifo or want to give fabric or paint contact the Chattahooligans through their social media pages, like facebook.

Bresee encourages everyone to show up for the home opener game one March 14th.


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