Chattanooga Airport, CARTA Buses Lift Mask Mandate

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Following a Florida federal judge’s ruling to strike down mask mandates on public transport, Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport has announced that customers will no longer be required to wear masks.

CHA’s Statement:

In accordance with the federal ruling striking down the CDC mask mandate, the TSA will not continue to enforce the mandate at this time. In addition, many airlines have also dropped the requirement. Therefore, the Chattanooga Airport will not require customers to wear a mask.

CARTA Public Transportation has also confirmed to News 12 that masks will no longer be required on their buses. According to  Veronica Peoples, passengers are still “strongly encouraged” to wear masks.

CARTA’s Statement:

CARTA announced today that it will no longer require its’ customers to wear facial coverings on their buses, but strongly recommends that people continue to do so for their protection and safety.

Even without a mask requirement, CARTA is keeping cleanliness and passenger safety a priority.

“Currently, we still have all of our buses disinfected with a disinfectant that lasts for ninety days, and we have it done every week,” said Lisa Maragnano, CARTA Executive Director.

Those who prefer to keep their masks on are free to do so.

“Wear your mask. If you’re concerned, then there’s nobody saying that you can’t wear a mask. They’re just not enforcing that you have to have a mask on,” she added.

According to CARTA, this is the first time in over two years that passengers and drivers can ride without a mask.>

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