Chattanooga and East Tennesseans React To David Letterman

"I did feel a little more nostalgic than I thought I would about the show ending".

Bridget Huckabay spent 3 years in the 1980s as one of David Letterman’s staffers and is now back in Chattanooga.

"When I was on staff I was lucky it was at the beginning we were all on one floor it was sort of the beginning of the trend it definitely felt like it had longevity and I guess people get used to their cultural icons".

Huckabay believes David Letterman is stepping down to give more time to his young son and family.

"I flew up to New York last weekend for the big staff reunion and saw people that I have not seen in 25 years and we all ended up at a table laughing telling stories and it felt like we had never been apart".

One of the Late Show’s most popular guests remembers the broadcasting icon fondly.

Jungle Jack Hanna, Late Show Guest,"My daughter had a brain tumor in 1997, massive thing we didn’t know if she would live or not, 9 hour surgery, we go back to her room in intensive care, there sits 50 roses from David Letterman, I never told him about his surgery".

Hanna a guest Zookeeper at Chattanooga Zoo and an East TN native had brought multiple animals on Letterman’s shows.

"In a freight elevator, we take the camel to be filmed, I forgot to mention the hump, we came off the elevator and I can see your room there, it’s a drop ceiling, the camel came off, ripped everything off, lights everything, all the way down the hallway about 40 feet to where the studio was".

Letterman started his career in local TV as a weatherman and anchor in Indiana.
The late night host has an 11 year old son with his second wife Regina Lasko.
Letterman will be replaced by former Comedy central host Stephen Colbert.

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