Chattanooga Area Homeless Veterans Get More Assistance

Like almost every community in the nation, Chattanooga has homeless veterans who could use a helping hand.

The city has a program to identify them, and offer several levels of assistance.

But now there’s a new program that can help the vets make a complete transition back into society.

INTERVIEW  “I appreciate everything that you’ve done. And what we do, we come out, we help the veterans and we have…we see if they are ready, ready and willing to go back to work.”

Case workers with Volunteers of America wasted no time in getting out on the street to find and interview homeless veterans.

Volunteers of America works in 15 counties in southeast Tennessee under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. They are providing what is called HVRP, the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.

JENNIFER HANCOCK, PRES. & CEO, VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA  “As a service provider for homeless veterans its our role to connect with other non-profits and government agencies to make sure that we are creating a synchronized network to insure that veterans who are living on our streets are able to get into affordable housing and to get into gainful employment.”

VOA can take the process a few steps farther that local programs.

CLIFF HIGHTOWER, VOA, CASE WORKER  “We’re able to offer them bus passes, we’re able to offer them gas cards, we’re able to offer them uh clothing for uh work…clothing for interviews.”

At the Chattanooga Community Kitchen in the afternoon the case workers spoke with 5 veterans and signed-up 3 for assistance.

Earlier efforts also showed positive results.

ROBERT GIBSON, CASE MANAGER, VOA  “So far, out of the 28 that we’ve been able to get signed-up, we’ve got 9 employed, one in school to become a truck driver, and uh several others that uh have interviews in the near future.”


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