Chattanooga Area Veterans Council: Veterans Day Program

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Each year the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council hosts a veteran ceremony.

“To make sure that we can show the world that we’re proud of our veterans,” said Alsobrook.

Traditionally, it’s held at the National Cemetery, but due to COVID-19, it had to be moved to Tennessee River Park.

“Another hiccup along the way, the event couldn’t be held outside because the weather did not cooperate… it had to be moved inside the Armory,” said reporter Brian Armstrong

Alsobrook said these types of ceremonies not only honor the veterans but act as a teaching tool.

“The younger generations to be educated what it actually means to serve your country to be a veteran and the sacrifices they make,” said Alsobrook.

“It connects those generations it connects and it shows the price of freedom. Freedom isn’t free it’s a very frequent sign and it is so true,” said retired Navy, Mickey McCamish.

Both said Veterans ceremonies like these allow veterans to reflect on what it means to have served

“After all they paid the price, we pay the price,” said McCamish.  “It’s important to remember veterans both living and deceased on this day.”

“Veterans just to feel appreciated they served their country and when they come back from deployment they may not feel like they’re appreciated,” said Alsobrook.

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