Chattanooga Beer Board revokes Coyote Jacks’ license

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Chattanooga Beer Board unanimously votes to revoke the license of Coyote Jacks.

“How they are and how they have ran this business as far as security, how they care about there employees of the people who come into their establishment, they do not care about the safety of anyone that had worked for them or the people who have come to their establishment,” Linda Chann said.

That testimony, from Chann, who used to work security at Coyote Jacks and was there the night of the recent fatal shooting, was what the Chattanooga Beer Board heard on Thursday morning.

The owners of Coyote Jacks, Tammie Taylor and Ronnie Berke, were not present.

Erin Wallin, who spoke on behalf of Berke, told the board Berke and his lawyer could not be there. She says they wanted the hearing pushed back.

“There is also evidence which they would like to present and testimony that they would like to procure to come and they were only allowed to get into the building yesterday in order to get video surveillance,” Wallin said.

Board members decided to go ahead with the hearing anyway.

Police officers testified saying on the night when 19-year-old Brandon Rogers was killed they were over capacity. They also say there were unlicensed security guards.

City council member Anthony Byrd had mixed reactions about the decision.

“They can just reopen somewhere else or move the location and do something else. I think we have to figure out how to make a blanket decisions to say if one thing happened at a facility. It is charged by this scope,” Byrd said.

Chann was relieved.

“So I am very happy about what happened today. And I am hoping that she and Ronald Berke do not ever think about opening up another business here,” she said.

The owners can appeal the decision.

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