Chattanooga Business Honors Crash Victim

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tom Wilson lives to tell a pretty incredible story.

He was driving down Highway 58 when a man driving a pick-up truck turned in front of him.

The collision sent the truck on its side and Wilson to the hospital in critical condition.

Less Lee, President of Lee Smith Incorporated, says, “Tom’s doing much better. He has been moved over to Siskin Rehab and progressing nicely.”

Tom lost a lot of blood from the crash.

So, Tom’s boss decided to contact Blood Assurance.

Mindy Quinn with Blood Assurance says, ” A lot time families with a loved one in the hospital will want to help replenish the blood supplies that may have been used and will invite the community to come in and show their support by giving blood back.”

Lee tells News 12 Now that he’s proud of the community for literally stepping up, kicking back, and donating blood.

Lee adds, “Tom’s such a valuable part of our team. One of the top rated floor technicians in the country and just trying to support Tom and move towards recovery.”

Lee hopes Tom will be well enough in the next few weeks or months to be able to walk through these doors again and tell his story of survival in person.

Other events are planned in Tom Wilson’s honor.

On June 11th, Thunder Creek will be sponsoring a motorcycle ride.

After that, Underdogs will be holding a live auction



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